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User Experience of Mobile E-Commerce Website

There are many things that can hinder the user experience of your e-commerce website and if you are lagging in making the conversions, finding the exact problem on your website that is driving users to your competition can be a little difficult task. We at Leo InfoTech actively take care of these factors for all our E-commerce development projects.


Following key parameters can enhance the experience of your mobile e-commerce website.

 1) Quick Website


All mobile users expect less friction when it comes to browsing websites. Users want to see their content easily and quickly and that’s what you’ll have to take care of to make them stick to your website and make some sales.


2) Display a Progress Bar


If you are going to buy a product from a website and eagerly waiting for the payment gateway to show up only to know that there are unknown number of steps involved in the process before you could reach to that part.

If there was a bar or some other information on top that told you that you just needed to complete three or four more steps before making the final payment. This is what showing a progress bar in your checkout process can do to your users. It finishes uncertainty it is always a win for making conversions.



3)  Add Alternate Payment Methods

You can add mobile payment methods such as Amazon Pay, PayPal, along with traditional payment methods which will give your users plenty of choices to pay you from their preferred merchant.



4)   Optimize Your Domain Experience

You can purchase a SSL to create your own payment gateway and evoke the feeling of trust and security in your users. We at Leo InfoTech take care of these parameters, you will see some favorable results for your business.



5) Display The Product While Filling Forms

It’s always better to display the product that your users are about to buy while they are busy filling the final forms because we never know when they’d want some reassurance about the product they are about to purchase.

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