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Search Engine Optimization

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Would your company put up a well-designed and expensive hoarding in the middle of the Thar Desert? Then why should you spend thousands on a great looking website that no one’s going to see?
Consider this: 85 to 95% of websites are found via a search engine. This means that you could have the most incredible website on the internet, but it will receive little or no traffic without search engine ranking and visibility. So how do searchers find your website?
Search Engine Optimization, quite simply, aims to get your website placed as close to the top of search engine results as possible because that’s what enhances the traffic to your website, translating into business for your company. Further, the right SEO strategy can be the most profitable method of generating leads because any leads you receive from SEO are free leads đŸ™‚
However, there isn’t any one almighty answer to doing well onsearch engines. It is more a combination of many things, like the right keywords, quality links, appropriate platforms, timing. What you require is a holistic SEO Strategy that will help you stay ahead of your competition at all times.
LEAN can help you to exploit the power of search engines and effectively enhance your search engine ranking and visibility.
To enhance your local online presence, we provide local Search EngineOptimization and Marketing, which focuses on search results that are relevant to a searcher based on location.



When you’re online, you will be judged. Hence, it’s important to develop a well-thought-through Social Media Marketing Strategy to govern your appearance on every social media platform that you intend to use.
The social media landscape is changing at an alarming pace and only an expert can help you to continually evolve your SMM Strategy to ensure that your communication is interesting, relevant and well-packaged at all times, giving you a good return on your investment in social media. LEAN can help you develop an SMM Strategy that optimizes the use of the various social media tools. We can help you execute, monitor and improve this strategy to keep up with the dynamic online environment.
Our digital marketing strategists are savvy with all the social media platforms and are up-to-date with all the latest software and technologies that can help you break through the noise. They know what’s trending and they know how to find, reach and connect with your target audience. They closely monitor your online performance and help you adapt.



Paid inclusion on search engines is an inexpensive and scalable form of web marketing designed to connect you with potential customers who are actively looking for what you provide. Simply speaking, sponsored online ads are a cost-effective method of speaking directly to those who are interested in your product or service.
Of all the paid inclusion tools, Pay Per Click (or PPC) campaigns are the most widely used. Here you bid for your ad to be placed in a particular position on a search engine’s results, with respect to certain keywords, and you pay the search engine a small fee for every time someone clicks on your ad.
Paying per click may sound like a risky investment, but if you’re armed with a well-designed campaign, every click can convert to profit. LEAN can help you strategize a highly effective PPC campaign and implement attractive online ads, giving you the maximum return on your investment.
For precise targeting and high conversion rates, we rely on in-depth research and a little dabbling in keywords, languages, locations, devices and scheduling. We can tell you what will work for you, when and how, in the most cost-effective way. Our well planned, well worded and optimally placed online ads can earn you far more than it costs to place them.